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About our textiles operation

Textiles Operation

Combining the Latest Technology with Inherited Techniques

It could be said that the textiles operation department is the core of our operations. We combine the latest technology with Inherited Techniques and our own unique innovating capacity to send high quality, high grade textiles out around the world.

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What's special about Atago textiles?

A Wide Variety of Different Knitting Machines

From small machines to the large machines used for making jerseys, the selection of machines we have at our disposal enables us to respond to demands for a wide variety of knitted fabrics.

Unlimited Combinationsせ

From natural fibers to mixed fabrics, we are able to find the optimum machine for any of our vast range of fabrics in order to put together the combination which best meets our customers’ needs.

We, at Atago, are Known for Our Integrated Manufacturing System

From the first piece of thread, all the way through to the finished product, we take on the task of delivering high grade, high quality textiles through our integrated manufacturing process.

Transmitting Japanese Ideas and Japanese Product Quality to the World

At our textiles operation department, we also export fabrics manufactured in Japan to other countries on a large scale. Moreover, we have factories in Qingdao, China, where the very same Japanese techniques are employed. The products are developed in Japan, manufactured in China, and then sent out around the world. As we also have our own knitting and dyeing factories, we are able to send fabrics which are developed using our unique and original Japanese way of thinking, and that are subject to the same quality control system that we have in place in Japan, to countries around the world.


A Thorough Quality Control System
Our thorough quality control system ensures that our products meet all of our customers’ needs. In order to do this, we send out products which will earn our customers’ trust and confidence.

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