Atago and Co., Ltd.

Atago and Co., Ltd. Company Overview

Message from the CEO

Flexible Thinking and New Technology Give Rise to New Possibilities for Apparel

Here at Atago, our mission is to contribute to society by delivering textile products that are filled with a sense of presence and hope, in a meaningful way, through our business partners and customers.
In the modern world, as people’s lifestyles become increasingly diverse, there is greater demand for varied products to fit a range of different situations.
In order to meet that demand, we use our know-how and innovative technology to create products with high added value that we can pass on to consumers.
Product manufacturers need to be able to collect information, and have an excellent ability to develop their businesses.
We have developed both of these abilities, and have our sights set on continuing to develop our technology and design sense. We do so on the foundation of our strong supply-and-demand system which enables us to respond rapidly to consumers’ needs.
Atago is a company which is always in “attack mode,” so we are ready and willing to try anything as we push forward in the international apparel manufacturing industry, with our new technology as our foundation.

Yasuo Atago (President & CEO)