Atago and Co., Ltd.

Atago and Co., Ltd. Company Overview



1930sManufactured and sold knitted products, primarily gloves and socks, including workers gloves and soldiers socks
1940sManufactured and sold knitted underwear (materials sourced from areas such as Wakayama)
1950s Introduced circular knitting machines for the production of underwear
Manufactured and sold men’s underwear and knitted underwear using a manufacturing method in which knitting and sewing were integrated
1960s Began manufacturing outer garments (various types of children’s clothing and sports shirts), and became further established as an integrated manufacturing and sales firm
Founded an operating subsidiary, Ichinami Sewing, thereby increasing expansion capacity
Introduced circular knitting machines for jerseys (outer wear)
1970s Conducted a broad range of research into and procured potential materials and threads, focused on developing original products, and broke into new markets while continuing to expand textile operations (sales of fabrics)
Strengthened capacity for new ideas by enhancing planning and design departments, and increased the range of products with the idea of “health & sports” as the underlying concept
Founded two operating sewing subsidiaries, Harlech and Harmach
Built a product center
1980sContinued to expand and develop in all areas, including both under and outer wear
1990s Expanded and strengthened operations in casual underwear, clothes made from jersey material, and ladies’ clothing
Began selling our original range of functional clothing
Founded an operating sewing subsidiary, Apex 3.14
Built a cloth and materials center
November 1996Founded an operating company in Qingdao, China (Qingdao Tenghua Apparel Co., Ltd.)( 青島藤華服装有限公司 )
November 2002Founded an operating company in Qingdao, China ( 青島愛達高服装有限公司 )
August 2004Founded an operating company in Shanghai, China ( 愛宕上海国際貿易有限公司 )
September 2006Founded an operating company in Qingdao, China ( 青島雅麗娜服飾有限公司 )
August 2012Made an equity participation in Qingdao Xinhe Textile Co., Ltd.
December 2012Gained ISO9001:2008 certification (Registration no.: JQA-QMA14716)
February 2013Founded a business management company in Qingdao, China ( 青島愛麗尚国際貿易有限公司 )
February 2014Moved our main operating base to the Kanto region, and opened our Tokyo office
October 2015Founded an operating company in Hong Kong, China ( ATAGO HONG KONG LIMITED )
November 2015Gained J∞Quality certification ( Head Office ・Textile Operation Head Office )
December 2016Gained ISO9001:2015 certification (Registration no.: URS-66059A)
November 2017Founded an operating company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
March 2018Gained J∞Quality certification ( Maruoka Factory )