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About our Apparel Operations

Apparel Operations

High Quality Products and Development Power

Soccer, baseball, rugby, running, outdoor pursuits… they all require sportswear; but,
different activities require different kinds of product performance.
When it comes to underwear, particularly in a country where the change in seasons is as marked as in Japan,
what is required in winter is completely different from what is required in summer.
The high-quality products we produce at Atago are not just the result of good materials nor just of good sewing. We bring together many years of knowledge and experience from both our apparel and textile operations in our "integrated manufacturing system."

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Quicker Delivery of our Products through our “Integrated Manufacturing System”
We have established a unique position in the textiles industry, an industry where specialization has become more and more common. What makes us unique is that we have developed a system in which we are able to carry out every part of the manufacturing process, from materials development and knitting to sewing and inspection, in an integrated fashion. Not only does this make us more efficient, but it also enables us to develop techniques which would be difficult to realize in a non-integrated manufacturing process.


Planning and Development
We accept customer orders, develop materials, and conduct planning and design for our products.
We manufacture our products according to accurate specification documents which stay true to the designer’s intentions.

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We use a range of threads and materials, chosen to suit the purpose of each product, and are knitted using the latest machinery. We knit high quality materials using reliable techniques.

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Fabric Cutting
We are able to achieve high quality cutting, even with unusual materials which can be hard to work with, using CAM (automatic cutting machines), and sometimes by getting our highly skilled staff to do it.

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While producing small orders in a large range of designs and keeping delivery times short, and while using our sewing machines efficiently with the products’ purposes in mind, we endow each product with its own characteristic feel and precise stitching.

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We maintain product quality and safety by performing a second inspection on each manufacturing line, following the initial product quality check.
Our staff keep a careful eye on every step of the manufacturing process, all the way down to packaging.

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Regarding OEM (original equipment manufacturing)

We accept and handle orders for OEM, which are conducted through our integrated system which takes care of everything from development to delivery.

Atago’s OEM manufacturing is targeted at apparel makers (domestic & foreign).
We handle everything, from suggesting materials to production control and trade management, right up until the final product is delivered. Please inquire for more details.